tom and jerry

Should never be regarded as two fun to live in a house full of never cease to regret later. And now the enemy is fighting each other for an enemy to save time and want to ignore the facts of life "as they work together, life is about the fate of all mutual But Tom and Jerry live in individual . If you look at the hatred for them again. Conversion of the bonds of love ice stone. What can stop fighting forever? What believe that love is more? And the misery of life can be occupied. But Success in life is not easy to win. One day in a state of meditation. led to the situation. Then, a life full of expectations. Get to expand its expectations.
Tom and Jerry felt the need to promote. The ambitions of life "in the administration. And learn that life is a puzzle. Only victory in the endurance race. Tom and Jerry hit the rope. And was the bond of love between them. By keeping Things are wrong. But now, the future looks strong. At the stage of maturity, their arrival. The question is how to close higher. aren''t life disability, but the power "and said" It aren''t for rigidity and flexibility, but "and maintained. cooperation between the friendship began. He asked the people in this relationship. Friction bad time for a long time. Is this Mars organized to go. Once the time and hates to use the time now to go get him, despite the fact that feeling and love. This has increased in two of Jolie and enjoyment. It's the real story of Tom and Jerry
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History of Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a series of animated short films, and special television programs, films, by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Joseph to create a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which is based on never-ending competition between cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry), the prosecution and the battles often involved violence comic.
Hanna and Barbera ultimately wrote and directed four 1100 Tom and Jerry cartoon animation studio MGM in Hollywood, California between 1940 and 1958, when it was closed this study. The original series is notable for being awarded the Oscar for animated short film seven times, and connect with silly symphonies by Walt Disney in a series of theatrical animation with the most Oscars. Tom and Jerry is a global audience, composed of children, adolescents and adults, and is today one of the most famous competition, and lived in American cinema. In 2000, a time series of television programs than ever before.
Since 1960, more than 114 original drawings HB MGM was short new films produced by Rembrandt, led by Gene Deitch in Eastern Europe. This continued the series produced by Tom and Jerry short returned to Hollywood under Chuck Jones Tower, 12 the brother of the production in 1963, until 1967, a total of 161 short films. Cat and mouse stars later in the images television produced by studios Hanna-Barbera, Filmation in the years 1970.1980 and 1990, feature film, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, in 1992 (published in the countries in 1993), and 2000, their film short first TV, Tom and Jerry: The Cat Palace for Cartoon Network. He wrote another Tom and Jerry theatrical short, karate and guard, and directed by fellow countryman Joe Barbera joint between the Creator and made his movie debut in Los Angeles, 27/09/2005.

Today, Time Warner (through its Turner Entertainment division) owns the rights to Tom and Jerry (distributed by Warner Bros.). Produced since the merger, and a number of Turner, Tom and Jerry Tales of chemical weapons on Saturday morning "CW4Kids programming," such as Tom and Jerry recent short, the Guard Karate in 2005 and a series of movies Tom and Jerry directly on the video - all in collaboration with the Warner Brothers.
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